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Always a Web Programmer/Designer at heart, my current day job is Stay-At-Home-Mom (way harder). Previously, I worked for a small interactive agency in Boonton, NJ called Temel. Best job ever. Before that, I spent years working for various small to medium companies in north/central New Jersey, mostly Pharmaceutical in nature. I was also employed by The Creative Group, which acted as my agent, placing me in different freelance positions at local companies.


Besides Web and print work, I've worked extensively with the Miscrosoft Office suite—PowerPoint, Word, Access, Excel, and Outlook/Entourage. Also, I am familiar with many types of peripherals—PDAs, digital cameras, handheld GPS's, scanners, printers, and external drives (ZIP, floppy, etc.). I love playing with new, electronic "toys" and figuring out how they work.

Oh, and I am handy to have around, whether I'm changing printer cartridges or fixing copier and printer paper jams. Who has time to wait around for help when there's work to be done?

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