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The following links deserve attention. They lead to sites that are innovative, attractive, eye-catching, or just plain weird—in one word: noteworthy.

IKEA's "unböring"
Not only does this site feature IKEA's cool new TV ad by Spike Jonze (click on the TV), but it also guides users through a flashy tour of IKEA's less-is-more production "manifesto" (click on the book). The site's clean lines and smooth animations mirror IKEA's whimsical, innovative style. Just make sure you have your speakers turned down before going to this site at work—it comes eqipped with quirky background music to match.

Wired's Mac Tattoos & Haircuts
People getting Macintosh tattoos and haircuts...people more obsessed than me. 'Nuff said.

MIT's Courses All Free Online
A little while ago, MIT (the Massachusettes Institute of Technology) announced that it would be offering all of its courses online, free of charge, to anyone with an internet connection and a browser. So far, it has the course notes, lectures, tests, etc for 32 classes, and hopes to have all the rest online by 2006-2007. (Read the whole story at MSN.com.) What a job...


Here's a Website by a guy who decided to document, room by room, every single item in his house (at last count, he was up to 90%). I don't highlight this site for any design purposes—though it is a good example of functional database integration—but simply because I am left speechless that someone would actually undertake this endeavor.

Where have I found inspiration lately...?


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